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Mexican SpongeBob Dreidel

Posted by Ariness in Gaming | on 03 3rd, 2010

I kid you not. My little friend Hermando brought a SpongeBob Dreidel in Spanish to the breakfast table yesterday. We played some while I was waiting for my food. It was so crazy that I had to take pictures and post it online. The top had 6 sides. Apparently it is a Mexican version of Dreidel called La Pirinola that they play on Here are photos of the 6 sides of the pirinola we played with…

Pon 1 - Put 1 (Shin)

Pon 2 - Put 2 (Double shin)

Todos Ponen - Put in everything

Toma 1 - Take 1

Toma 2 - Take 2

Toma Todo - Take everything (Gimel)

The parenthesis are for my Jewish friends familiar with Dreidel. My non-jewish friends can learn about Dreidel from Wikipedia.

Here are a few photos of us playing…

I still have many whale photos to post soon and some photos of friends and the upcoming whale festival this weekend. Stay tooned.

Birthday BBQ Photos

Posted by Ariness in Party | on 02 5th, 2010

Here are some photos of me with friends at a little BBQ we had yesterday for my birthday.

Lupita, Ari, and Mis

Lupita (left) is the daytime manager of the cyber cafe. Mis (right) helps me with fixing and maintaining the computers there. He will also be teaching computer classes at the cyber.

Friends chilling

Eddyth is the girl next to me. She runs the cyber in the mornings before Lupita comes in. Gordo, the owner of the cyber and Pax Terra's main local ally is on the right.

Stay tuned for more updates soon. I’m going whale watching tomorrow so I will have more photos and hopefully video from that. I’m also putting together lots of social media for Pax Terra that I will want to show off soon.