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Mexican SpongeBob Dreidel

I kid you not. My little friend Hermando brought a SpongeBob Dreidel in Spanish to the breakfast table yesterday. We played some while I was waiting for my food. It was so crazy that I had to take pictures and post it online. The top had 6 sides. Apparently it is a Mexican version of Dreidel called La Pirinola that they play on Here are photos of the 6 sides of the pirinola we played with…

Pon 1 - Put 1 (Shin)

Pon 2 - Put 2 (Double shin)

Todos Ponen - Put in everything

Toma 1 - Take 1

Toma 2 - Take 2

Toma Todo - Take everything (Gimel)

The parenthesis are for my Jewish friends familiar with Dreidel. My non-jewish friends can learn about Dreidel from Wikipedia.

Here are a few photos of us playing…

I still have many whale photos to post soon and some photos of friends and the upcoming whale festival this weekend. Stay tooned.

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3 Responses to “Mexican SpongeBob Dreidel”

  1. Zorro Says:


  2. Zorro Says:

    That is hilarious. I don’t know why I didn’t post this part on the last one. I just got too overwhelmed. Haha. Glad to see you’re finding a little bit of yourself there. xD

  3. Maria Says:

    Want to see more!
    Bring it on!!!

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