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Dinosaurs and The New Planetarium Show

Here are a couple photos of me with the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History in NYC.


While briefly at the museum I also saw the Journey to the Stars show at the Hayden Planetarium. Whoopy Goldberg was an interesting narrator. The show was short but packed with amazing visuals. It covered the basics about stars and their life cycle, so if you know most of that already and you are expecting to learn more about stars then you will be disappointed. However, if you are like most people who don’t know much about stars or if you are going to the show for the experience more than the lesson then you will enjoy yourself.

I had a great time for the short couple hours I was at the museum. I had other plans to get to. I have 1 more post to write about NYC (hopefull tomorrow) before my next adventure.

Has anyone else seen the Journey to the Stars show? what did you think?

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